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Autopromotec Exhibition 2013

Cliente: Autopromotec
Dal 22 al 26 May 2013

The opening event of the 2013 edition of the renowned exhibition dedicated to the automotive sector took place at the Sala Borsa, in Bologna; the extravaganza was based on “The excellences of Bologna”. A show by the Bologna-born actor Alessandro Bergonzoni and a highly spectacular visual performance – with giants canvases functioning as screens – were the two key moments of the event, which highlighted Bologna’s so-called “packaging valley”, the great local painters from the past, the city’s “UNESCO creative City of Music” title, its “Cinema Ritrovato” film festival and lots more.

Autopromotec 2013’s event for the press and for the foreign exhibitors took place at the library of Bologna’s Cineteca, and was entitled “Motors, music and cinema”. The hall was decorated with giant-sized pictures taken from Easy Rider, and customized through a photo set with a background image from the same movie and real Harley Davidson ,where people could have their picture taken, dressed up in style. The atmosphere was completed by extracts from several road movies projected on a giant screen – and by a prize game consisting in guessing the movie the single motor-based extract belonged to.

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