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I’Meetaly provides with all the needed services to support companies in incentive project advantages with motivational focuses, professional areas improvement, work with passion in team with the goal of increase productivity.

Thanks to the passion of employees and coworkers you can find the roots of the best professional quality.

In particular, our services include:


destinations, routes and experiences in Italy, discovering local art, treasured landscapes, wine & food excellences and less renowned spots

  • Organizing secretariat
  • Ticketing and transportation
  • Selection of hotels, villas, farmhouses, locations, relais
  • Shaping of team-building moments (customized on the client’s needs)
  • Multilingual tourist guides
  • Bespoke packages upon clients’ request
  • “Italian Gourmet” packages
  • Tours/guided visits
  • Tastings/visits to italian excellencies food productions

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