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National OSDI (Diabetology Healthcare Professionals) Congress

Cliente: OSDI
 Firenze, Palazzo dei Congressi
20 May 2010

The association’s president’s introductory speech also touches the nursing profession subject: more particularly, the presidents claims that it’s necessary to wear a mask at work, day after day – with patients and their relatives, but also with one’s colleagues. Hence, the mask becomes the protagonist of this stage of the presentation, and that through pictures, aphorisms, quotes and even extracts from theatrical pieces. And when the president asks the audience whether there are any questions, a medical clown steps up and takes centre stage, telling the audience the personal experience of someone who has to deal with suffering every day.
During the event’s Gala Dinner, in the cloister of Palazzo Pitti, whose whole facade functioned as the giant-sized screen for the projection of a showreel of faces, gazes, hands and hugs taken from some among the most important art masterpieces ever, symbolizing a careful and welcoming approach towards patients.

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