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A journey through PGS – 20th Preimplantation Genetic Screening anniversary

Dancing and visual performances: on the occasion, the historical building's colonnade turned itself into the container of every form of life. The visual story begun with water as the primary source of life, water in myth, up to microscope-views of the cells and to the DNA sequence. A large cloth…

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Autopromotec Exhibition 2013

The opening event of the 2013 edition of the renowned exhibition dedicated to the automotive sector took place at the Sala Borsa, in Bologna; the extravaganza was based on “The excellences of Bologna”. A show by the Bologna-born actor Alessandro Bergonzoni and a highly spectacular visual performance – with giants…

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The Energy of Life – International Medical Genetics congress

The concept of the event celebrating the tenth anniversary of the congress was based on the four natural elements: earth, water, fire and air. Each element was represented by a specific performance; a “glasses player” for water, a “human musical box” for air, African dancers bringing their tribal dance between…

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Autopromotec Exhibition 2011

The opening event, taking place in the highly evocative setting of Corte Isolani in Bologna, was based on Federico Fellini's genius and linked with dreams in general, and with those great Italians who managed to make them come true – a concept that perfectly fitted the event's motto: Homo faber…

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National OSDI (Diabetology Healthcare Professionals) Congress

The association's president's introductory speech also touches the nursing profession subject: more particularly, the presidents claims that it's necessary to wear a mask at work, day after day – with patients and their relatives, but also with one's colleagues. Hence, the mask becomes the protagonist of this stage of the…

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8° national OSDI (Diabetology Healthcare Professionals) congress

During the opening speech by the association's president, an actress takes centre stage an starts telling the audience her experiences, from a private point of view and from an healthcare professional's one, too. The reading is supported by live music and by giant-sized pictures, emphasized by keywords highlighting the most…

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